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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Jan 22, 2018

Hilda Labrada Gore from the Wise Traditions Podcast is here today to talk about traditional diets and what they can teach us about health. Wise Traditions is the podcast for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, we talk about:  

  • The importance of ridding our bodies of toxins before having children.
  • The healthiest people in the world all have eating nutrient dense foods in common.
  • Making gradual changes to support significant diet change.

Some highlights of this episode:

  1. Hilda got into health and wellness because her life began on shaky ground. Her mom had German measles, and she was born with a hole in her heart. After her surgery, she wanted to take care of the body she has. She is an integrative nutrition health coach, a group fitness professional, and a wellness podcaster. [01:09]
  2. The importance of cleaning out our bodies before having children, because we are exposed to so many toxins. How preservatives and additives may have made Hilda's mom vitamin A deficient. [03:27]
  3. The Weston A. Price Foundation is based on a dentist and researcher who went all around the world looking for the healthiest people. He found people with amazing smiles and wanted to see what they were eating. People in different areas all ate different things, but they all had eating nutrient dense foods in common. [04:27]
  4. How being vegan is great as a fast and cleanse, but it is difficult to sustain as a diet and lifestyle because of missing essential nutrients in the diet. [09:06]
  5. Hilda was introduced to the Weston A. Price Foundation through a friend who was suffering from chronic fatigue, and she noticed how diet had helped her friend. [11:31]
  6. The importance of gradual diet changes. It takes time to make significant lasting change. Spend a year switching to butter, and then find natural snacks. Doing little upgrades to develop wise traditions is what worked for Hilda. Progress not perfection. [12:01]
  7. A Maasai Warrior contacted the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Hilda went to talk with him. HIlda encouraged them to eat their natural diet which consists of milk, meat, and blood. They made the decision as a community to go back to their traditional diet. [17:29]
  8. The ancestral foods of Peru include a variety of traditional diets. Like seafood on the coast. Things like liver and onions, and fish soup including the head. The jungle areas eat wild boar and vegetables and plants. People in the mountains eat diets rich in carbohydrates like quinoa and wild potatoes. Eating according to your region. [20:27]
  9. How having a healthy gut is the key to wellness, because we need a healthy gut to assimilate the nutrients from our food. Drinking bone broth is a great way to start. Also, think about what you put on your body. [26:06]

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