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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Oct 16, 2017

Learn how to make delicious and nutritious dairy-free green smoothies with these tips and tricks:
  1. Definition of green smoothies
  2. Some of the potential health benefits
  3. The basics including some of the considerations for choosing a blender
  4. The basics of making a green smoothie
  5. Some advanced techniques including how to satisfy picky-eaters and “super food” add-ins that are specifically dairy- and gluten-free
  6. Additional resources

Some highlights:

  • What is a green smoothie? What is a clean eating green smoothie?
  • Who might like green smoothies and who might NOT like green smoothies?
  • Which blender is best and how much do they cost?
  • What exactly do you put in a green smoothie and in what order?

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