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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Jun 4, 2018

Rosie Tran is the world’s healthiest flight attendant. She is the creator of Kale in the Clouds and has an amazing instagram account. Today, we will be talking about healthy travel tips and how Rosie takes care of herself while being 33,000 feet in the air.

In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, we talk about:  

  • How being a flight attendant has allowed Rosie to get out of her comfort zone
  • Rosie’s balanced approach to food and life
  • How Rosie started listening to her body, changed her mindset, and eats foods that make her feel good

Some highlights of this episode on Healthy Travel Tips with Kale in the Clouds Creator Rosie Tran:

  1. Four years ago, Rosie was asked to be her best friends Maid of Honor. Rosie decided to eat clean and focus on eating mostly veggies. This began her clean eating wellness journey. She started with a restrictive plant based route, but soon learned that balance was necessary. [03:39]  
  2. Prep is so important, because then it will be there when it is needed. It's hard to find time to put meals together. Having things premade helps so much. [05:19]
  3. Amazing food prep for the plane and hotel rooms. She got a little skillet, because some hotels don't offer microwaves. She would bring a spiralizer and heat zucchini in her room. This has made her job more fun.  [08:05]
  4. Self-care. Rosie was so excited about every bit of her job. She worked a lot and made sure she was seeing everything on her layovers. Eventually, she realized she needed to slow down, take care of her body, and get the sleeps she needs. Slow down and don't have an agenda. Go after a good workout. [10:26]
  5. Rosie's best memories revolve around people and meeting unintentional friends. The importance of connection and in-person relationships. [12:56]
  6. Meal prepping. Mason jar salads. So easy to pop lid off and throw in dressing. Pre Packed salads and meals, plus the ingredients for other meals for longer trips. Filling meals don't require snacking. Bars, chips, chocolate, and fruit are great snacks. [16:51]
  7. Flight attendants don't have liquid restrictions. Being a flight attendant is such a cool job. The travel and flexibility is amazing. The importance of pursuing your true happiness and when work isn't work. [22:06]
  8. Rosie loves going to Hawaii. She gets to go there once a month. She now has enough seniority to pick where she flies to. Maui is her favorite. She loves the good weather and she is off to LA today. [27:05]

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