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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Apr 9, 2018

Kate Van Horn the Co-Creator of the GoodFest wellness festival is here to talk about the festival, her recovery story, body love, and all good things.

In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, we talk about:  

  • What GoodFest is all about
  • Letting go of labels and still living authentically
  • Tools like yoga helped Kate heal from her eating disorder

Some highlights of this episode on body love & all the good things:

  1. GoodFest started in Philadelphia and the first festival ended up with 350 women from all over. Then they decided to try a festival in L.A. Then they are going back to Philadelphia, but they are also planning to go to Austin and Seattle. [01:35]
  2. The spirit of loving yourself and finding like minded women at GoodFest. They want it to be an inclusive community. Wellness should be fun and exploratory, not rigid. People should go to GoodFest with an open mind, and take what works and leave the rest. [03:10]
  3. Kate's personal journey of figuring out where she belonged and letting go of labels. She thinks it is important to feel you identify with others. She started out as plant based vegan, but struggled with it. Being able to make choices and be in alignment with our food choices. Letting go of labels can be a feeling of relief. [06:28]
  4. Not being rigid left more room for being creative. This actually snowballed into the Good Festival. Flowing led to more opportunities and made things more fluid. Just allowing things to be along with having trust leaves room for flow. [10:00]
  5. Kate loves yoga and thinks it was the final piece of the puzzle that helped her eating disorder. Mindfulness and moving intuitively really helped her healing process. Her yoga practice started as a home practice where she was at peace with her body. [12:04]
  6. Having an accountability buddy or working with a specialist when working on recovering from an eating disorder. Everyone benefits from talking through things, but it is also empowering to have tools like yoga. There is a lot within us that we can do when we are ready. [16:25]
  7. Finding balance in finding speakers for GoodFest. They chose a panel for the L.A. GoodFest because people have had different food experiences. They want to represent different voices. They also chose the food freedom route. They framed it as a relationship with food and discovering what food is best for each person. [18:56]
  8. One of the purposes of GoodFest is for women to have a place where they aren't judged. Kate wants it to become the norm when people in the wellness community get together. [24:06]
  9. The next GoodFest on 8/11/18 will feature Kelsey Patel and Ruby Warrington, a panel, yoga, and Alexis Joseph. It will end with a meditation. They are going to have large groups instead of tracks. It's going to be a main stage format. [31:21]

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