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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Mar 12, 2018

Erica Winn of Real Simple Good a wonderful website for inspired paleo cooking and living is here today. Erica offers all kinds of healthy tips and tricks for cooking and eating including paleo and whole30 meal prepping.

In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, we talk about:  

  • Erica’s health story and starting Real Simple Good
  • Eating paleo and cooking at home with real ingredients
  • Meal prepping to make healthy eating easier

Some highlights of this episode on paleo & whole30 meal prepping with erica winn of real simple good:

  1. Erica and her husband started Real Simple Good a couple of years ago. It stemmed from making lifestyle changes and Erica having MS. It was time to take her health story into her own hands. She began researching diets and lifestyles that reduce inflammation. Which led her to the paleo lifestyle. [02:25]
  2. Erica's recipes are mostly paleo. She doesn't use any processed foods. They don't use grains, gluten, dairy, or soy. They also leave out the legumes and refined sugar. This is the template that all of the recipes stem from. They may have an occasional white rice or pastured cheese. [09:29]
  3. Erica and Justin wanted to live on their own terms. They decided to make paleo cooking and living a lifestyle. They also decided to make the blog a full-time job. [13:02]
  4. Before they quit their accountant jobs they were really stressed for time, so they started meal planning out of a necessity. There is no way to get through a busy work week without doing some sort of meal prep over the weekend. [14:06]
  5. Erica and Justin sell meal plans to help people who aren't sure what recipes to make and what to shop for. These are for people who really like to cook and just need a little extra help. They also offer simple recipes with minimal ingredients for people who don't like to cook but need help with eating healthier. [17:50]
  6. They currently offer seasonal meal plans that are bundled together. There is 13 weeks in each bundle. They are also doing challenges like the whole 30 challenge. People sign up for the challenge on their website. Then everything was delivered through email which included helpful tips and meal plans. They also posted on their Facebook group. They were also available to answer questions. [22:23]
  7. A whole30 diet is like a Paleo diet but more strict. There's no Paleo baking and no sugars and alcohol of any kind. [25:11]
  8. One of Erica's favorite recipes and also one of their most popular recipes is the crock pot chicken enchiladas. Another popular recipe is their creamy spaghetti squash casserole. [27:35]
  9. An instapot is like a pressure cooker with pre programmed functions. The pressure cooker cooks faster and the instapot has more functions. You can brown ground beef and then cook it and make a one pot meal. [31:58]

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