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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Jan 8, 2018

Setting Goals & Making Health a Priority

It’s the beginning of 2018, and I’m talking about New Year's resolutions and making health a priority in this solo episode #14.

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In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, I talk about:

  • My New Year’s resolutions
  • Focusing on health as opposed to weight loss
  • My favorite tips for cleaning up your diet when health is your goal

Some highlights of this episode:

  1. The strategy that I have been using to set my big 2018 goal is visualizing my goal and figuring out the roadblocks or limiting beliefs that are preventing me from keeping that goal. This is based on Courtney Violet Bentley's meditation technique. [09:19]
  2. My 2018 goal is to write a book. I visualized reaching the goal with the completed book in my hands. Then I had to discover what was preventing me from reaching the goal. My limiting beliefs were that it is a lot of work, I've never done it before, and that I am not good enough. [10:11]
  3. Things I came up with to overcome my limiting beliefs included an inspirational podcast with a writing coach, then I reached out to the writing coach who referred me to a different coach, I set up a consultation, we had a nice connection, I sent him some of my work, and I have an appointment with him. I also created a project calendar, and then I started to write. [13:21]
  4. How health for me is about managing my symptoms of my autoimmune disease and feeling vibrant and alive. I'm also trying to manage my migraines and make sleep a priority. [17:27]
  5. I'm also exercising earlier in the day and not over exercising. I exercise for 20 to 50 minutes and then practice 10 minutes of gentle yoga in the evening. I'm also working on having a normal menstrual cycle and managing my overall inflammation. [20:13]
  6. An example of setting goals for weight loss to improve health include visualizing the goal and feeling it. Roadblocks include having time and energy for healthier meals and going to the gym. [24:24]
  7. Overcome roadblocks by meal prepping or trying an online program that doesn't require me to go the gym. Little things that can be done include adding another serving of vegetables to my diet, buying bagged spinach, walking 20 minutes a day, finding a walking buddy, and using a pedometer. [26:30]
  8. Practical tips for clean eating include using an instant pot and listening to my podcasts on green smoothies, clean cooking techniques and meal planning, and how to make vegetables taste delicious. Other things you can do include increasing your vegetable servings, trying a meal delivery service, batch cooking, meal planning services, CSA boxes, and my Clean Eating Everyday Cookbook. [30:12]

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