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Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Jan 1, 2018

Personal trainer, motivational speaker, and host of the Fit Fierce and Fabulous podcast Courtney Violet Bentley is here today to talk about discovering and overcoming our limiting beliefs in Episode #13.

In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, I talk about:  

  • Courtney’s journey to building self-confidence
  • Techniques to identify your limiting beliefs
  • The moon and the stars

Some highlights of this episode:

  1. Courtney is a personal trainer who would see her clients do well and then fall back into their old habits. She decided to use techniques that she had used on herself for her bulimia to help her clients reach lasting results through things like EFT and the phases of the moon. [02:27]
  2. She teaches people how to discover their limiting beliefs and breakthrough them to become a fit fierce and fabulous female. [03:34]
  3. How an eating disorder is caused by a lack of something. Learning self-love and intuition is a step of breaking free. [05:09]
  4. The importance of trusting and taking the first step and having faith that it will be beneficial for you. Finding your light through your first step. [08:02]
  5. EFT emotional freedom technique. Certain meridian points connect with other points. By tapping you release a negative emotion through the energy in your cells. This helps break free from bad behaviors. Using EFT to release negative thought processes. [08:52]
  6. Using guided meditation to find limiting beliefs. You could journal and ask what you are fearful about. Once you discover the limiting beliefs you can start to take steps to overcome it. Changing your story to loving to make healthy choices. When you tell yourself this story it becomes so much easier to make the choice. [13:07]
  7. Manifesting and taking the steps of forgiving yourself and stepping into the feelings of getting what you want and then taking the action steps. You have to feel what it feels like to have this thing and bring in an opportunity and then take action to get those opportunities. This is when manifestation is the most powerful. [25:33]
  8. Moon energy and power. Courtney has always had a unique connection to the moon and stars. Looking at the moon and stars gives her a reminder of unlimited potential. Different patterns of the moon would affect her moods. Full moons are for release of limiting belief. She combines moon cycles to reach goals because it is really powerful. [31:05]
  9. During the new moon clear things out and make room for what you are commiting to. This can even be clearing time or clutter. [38:37]

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